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THE ENIGMA BALL #6 on 30th November 2013 was another resounding success.


What a fantastically enigmatic venue this was! After winding our way through Woburn Safari Park on a VERY cold winter’s night to reach the lodge (and despite a few people losing their way on the way!) 150 revellers had a wonderful time at ‘The Ball of the Year’ for the Transgender Community (AND ‘Friends with open minds’!).

  • As on all previous Enigma occasions elegant ball-gowns and cocktail dresses were out in force. But this time, in keeping with the theme, lots of ‘animal prints’ were also on show, all to great effect.
  • Once again our ‘resident’ live band, the brilliant 9-Piece Swing band “Down For The Count” filled the dance floor all night with their versions of Rat Pack, Swing, Soul and Modern Classics
  • For those people wanting to extend their evening, Pink Punters Nightclub in Bletchley again gave us their full support by offering FREE ENTRY to the club after the ball for all Enigma-Ballers. We received fast-track entry and added a touch of welcome glamour and hospitality as we waltzed past the others queueing to get in!
To those who came, ‘Many Thanks’ for joining us, we hope you had a brilliant night and please pass the word on to your friends who may be interested in sharing the Enigma Spotlight in the future.
Watch this space for news of our forthcoming events, or please email:

to be added to our ‘Early Bird’ mailing list for news.
The Enigma Ball is fixed firmly on the UK Transgender Social Calendar, and the highlight for many people in their year.
Big hugs and best wishes, will be in touch again soon for news of Enigma Ball #8

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The initial idea behind THE ENIGMA BALL was very simple. After many years away from the UK Transgender Social Scene, I came back out looking for a stylish, fun, social event where the atmosphere was welcoming and sophisticated. I wanted to find like-minded people who just wanted to spend an evening together in excellent surroundings and wear their most glamorous clothes.

Unfortunately I was too young to have had the opportunity to attend the famous Porchester Balls in London. But I AM old enough to remember the brilliant monthly ‘Ron Storme’s Balls’ (God rest your soul, Ron!) at Tudor Lodge, Bromley-By-Bow, where everyone was smiling ALL NIGHT!

And I still fondly remember the ‘family’ we created every month, sitting with Annie & John (our ‘mum and dad’), Jill (my eldest ‘sister’) and Michele (Jill’s wife!), Alison (my middle ‘sister’) and Mary (now Alison’s wife!) – I was the baby sister who endured the butt of many jokes whilst I like to think ‘holding my own’!!! Thank you Stella for complimenting my black linen suit the first time we ever met – you ARE a star! We are all still very close friends and will remain so for ever (I’m sure Annie even still looks down on us from above and smiles at what we get up to!). Both Janett Scott and Jenny Baker went on to become beacons in the Transgender World at The Beaumont Society and Manchester’s Northern Concord respectively – thanks and well done to both of you!

At the time, a highlight for me was when we helped out as waitresses for the Old-Age Pensioners Christmas Dinner at the Tudor Lodge – happy days!

We also had the stylish Sunday nights on the rooftop terrace of The Kensington Palace Hotel, where peacocks (literally!) roamed freely amongst the guests. The Philbeach was another frequent haunt (with Jimmy the barman and excellent food) that offered nights out (sadly now closed down). I also saw the launch of The Way Out Club in the Piano Bar, Kingly Street behind Carnaby Street, and knew Vicky Lee and Stefan (again, sadly taken at too young an age) in ‘the early days’. AND NOT FORGETTING THE MONTHLY KINKY GERLINKY AT THE EMPIRE BALLROOM LEICESTER SQUARE!!!!!

Lots of fond memories that I struggled to re-find when I was looking again. This is what I thought was lacking for today’s generation of Cross-Dressers (and ‘friends with open minds’!). In an age of ‘smart but casual’ I found that I was over-dressed and stood out for all the wrong reasons!

Thankfully I DID find Pink Punters Nightclub in Bletchley, and a new ‘family’ – arguably THE pre-eminent entertainment venue for the Transgender Community IN THE UK today!

So…. what to do?!

If I couldn’t find anywhere to go (other than Pinks) I just had to organise something on my own! The proximity to the stunning Bletchley Park Mansion and Ballroom was too good an opportunity not to seek out ……. and THE ENIGMA BALL was born!

I now know how Kevin Costner felt in ‘The Field Of Dreams’ when he was told “Build it and they WILL come!”. Thankfully I have had the support of amazing friends (you know who you are) who also believe that the Enigma Ball is a good idea and A BIG THANK YOU must go to everyone at Pinks for all their help and support in putting the Balls together over the past 3 years – I could NOT have done this without you.

The positive feedback from those who have now attended 5 Balls so far has made it all worthwhile. When people tell me that they have had ‘the best night of their lives’, and it has been ‘life-changing’, then I’m happy!

I want to give others the chance to experience the feeling I had at all the places I had been ‘in my youth’. I felt elated for days, weeks, months afterwards and have been lucky to meet so many fantastic life-long friends on my travels.

The Enigma Ball will continue as long as everyone continues to have an evening to remember for a long time! The standard of dressing, makeup and hair gets better and better and the best comment I have received so far was:

“Look around tonight, this is not what you would call your average transvestite/ cross-dresser. This is a superb atmosphere of stunning individuals in a fantastic venue where everyone has done their best to look uber-glam, and achieved it! It is the night of the year for some, the night of their lives for others!”

Big hugs to all who have attended for making the Enigma Balls such wonderful events.



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